Paleo Challenge

About a year ago, Andrea and I started a 30 day Paleo challenge. I was skeptical. Much like I thought I knew more than I did about what it meant to be fit; I thought that I’d tried everything and there was nothing that was going to change the way that I felt or the way that I looked. I was still trying to avoid food all together instead of just finding something that worked. Like many other people I was tired of picking up a new trend diet only to watch it work for a week then fail. But I gave Paleo a try anyways.

At first I struggled. I thought for sure that within the first week I was going to break and wad slices of bread into little doughy balls and stuff my cheeks like a chipmunk. But I soldiered on. Andrea and I got together once a week and went grocery shopping and thus began our “Cooking WODS” (she even let me push the cart). We cooked mainly out of “Well Fed” by Melissa Joulwan. A culinary genius and a fellow derby girl.

I started to notice that I didn’t fatigue during workouts as easily, I recovered faster and I slept waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. I didn’t wake up at 4am and do what I call “sleep eat”. That’s when you wake up and forage for food then wake up 3 hours later and the kitchen is destroyed like Fievel Mouskowitz and friends invaded, but you don’t remember exactly what happened. That was always my story anyway.

About a month after the Paleo challenge I went in and met with our Coach, Emilie Hester of Jogo Crossfit and had a body comp test done. I had one in June and I was at 26% body fat. I thought for sure that I’d see no change in that number so I was a little nervous to see the results. I lost 10.5% body fat. Now, not all of it was just Paleo. I had been training consistently for 2 months. The last month was when I did the Paleo challenge. And I am so glad I did. Why am I telling you all of this? Because today, I start another one. Except this time I’m really planning on continuing the challenge past 30 days. Which means a couple of things: a) it means that everything I eat has to be self prepared because NO ONE else in my house will eat this way. This is going to prove difficult because I really don’t like to cook.. b) I’m going to have to hold MYSELF accountable by keeping record of body changes and food logs.. I will be 100 % honest with you and I will not omit any deviation. I must find the Cave Woman within and dial in my hunter gatherer scope. I’ll have nuts in my pockets and figs in the bottom of my backpack. I’ll snub my nose at white fluffy flours and the decadence of sweets..I might cry about it, but I’ll get over it when I get back to where I was a year ago and keep it going.

Here’s to another challenge. Me hungry.


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