Paleo Challenge DAY #1

One thing that helped me when I did the last Paleo challenge was realizing that if I were to really eat like a cave man, I wouldn’t be eating 6 times a day. I would be eating small “meals” that may not consist of all ideal components like fat, protein and carbs. When I started to focus on making it sustainable for me and my life it became much easier. I didn’t freak out about only being able to eat a handful of nuts or a boiled egg. I wasn’t stressed when I was hungry because I looked at it as an opportunity to focus on something other than food knowing that I wasn’t going to starve.

I made sure that I knew what I had to eat, how I was going to prepare it and what the easiest method was for me to get in the kitchen and get my self focused on this challenge. I picked the foods I knew I liked and that I could eat without thinking or getting tired of them. For me that was chicken, eggs, tuna, spinach, zucchini, acorn squash, spaghetti squash, yams (not really 100% Paleo but like Coach Em says, “Make it sustainable” ), strawberries, mushrooms and onions. My favorite thing to do was make chicken (my mom really makes it the best) at night and then save some for the next day for breakfast and lunch. This was incredibly helpful because chicken takes a while. At night I would mix it with mushrooms and yams and then in the morning I would mix it with some scrambled eggs and spinach with 2-3 strawberries sliced and on top.Image

This was my first attempt at Paleo biscuits/pancakes. Everything is sauteed in coconut oil with various seasoning. The yams are sliced with a grater. The pancakes were basically just almond and coconut flour mixed in with some eggs and almond milk. Once you’re doing Paleo you will take ANY opportunity to make something “bread” like. But you will learn really quick that bread is bread for a reason. It’s not natural. You can’t replicate it and when you try, it takes FOREVER and you will drive yourself batshit.

So, basically I wanted to touch on making anything you do as far as diet goes, sustainable for YOU! Don’t worry that your best friend is Rachel Ray’s twin and loves cooking or that she has the time. Do what you can do.


Tuna salad from the Community Food Co-Op in Bellingham, WA. Quite possibly my favorite lunch choice because it’s Paleo friendly (minus the mayo which is miniscule) and I don’t have to make it.

Moroccan Orange Walnut Salad also from the Community Food Co-OP. This salad had mandarin oranges, lime juice, kale, chard, spinach, celery (gross), walnuts, honey, cinnamon, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt in it. IT WAS AMAZING.


There is a bowl of candy on the desk in my pod at work. I ate 3 Starburst yesterday before I realized it. My redemption? When my boss came around with a package of Chewy Chips’A’hoy and I reached for one I immediately remembered..


2 whole eggs and 2 egg whites cooked in coconut oil with some sea salt.

I know what you’re thinking. That’s not a lot of food. And you’re right it’s not. I’m not a big eater, remember my first post? I have a hard time eating A LOT unless I’m eating A LOT of garbage. The quantity will get larger as I get more in tune with changing my diet again. I do not support eating this little and as I sit here my stomach is angry with me. But like I said, looking at it as a fasting moment for a day is part of how I make this sustainable for me. This is a link that I found when I started to realize that I was actually going a day or more without eating anything but I wasn’t hungry because I was actually fueling my body with WHOLE CLEAN foods.



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