Lunch 03.23.14 – Cauliflower Chowder

Cauliflower Chowder

Cauliflower Chowder

I am not usually a soup person but for some reason, I’ve been really craving soups this year (see also this year’s paleo clam chowder post)…or maybe it’s just been a chowder year. A good friend once told me about how she roasted and pureed cauliflower into a soup and how it was so similar to a cream of <x> soup or a chowder. Hearty, savory, yummy. I had…

Cauliflower – Leeks – Celery – Shallots – Beef Broth – Kale – Carrots

…all sitting in my fridge, taking up space, just waiting for a reason to get cooked. Here’s what I came up with.

caulichowder 2I started with my old faithfuls: sauteed the leeks, celery (I used the leafy tops), shallots in coconut oil+lard (yes, real lard); added my beef stock. Let simmer. Meanwhile back at camp: my cauliflower had browned up nicely in the oven – it was tossed in coconut oil+lard+dashes salt+tumeric; baked at 425 until brown. I don’t know how long. I just kept tossing it about every 10 minutes or so until it was browned (probably 30-60 minutes total). Remove from oven. Dump cauliflower, coconut milk and about a cup’s worth of the simmering broth+goodies in a food processor (I processed in two batches). Then I dumped it all back in the simmering pot with the remaining broth+goodies. I also added about a tsp of each turmeric and my cayenne+hot red pepper powder blend; salt to taste. Let simmer to incorporate. Now for more fun (yes, there’s more fun): while the soup was simmering, I roasted up some carrots in coconut oil+lard, tossed with the cayenne+hot red pepper powder blend and cumin, and baked those bad boys. Again – 425 and flipped them a couple times until they were all browned up (maybe +/-30 minutes?). THEN! What to do with the kale? I simmered it in the chowder until it was done to my liking (because I don’t like my kale totally boiled through, I cooked just as much kale as I wanted for that serving. When I go to heat up leftovers, I’ll just add another bunch of raw kale to what I’m heating up). Git yer bowl ready: dished up, drizzle with EVOO and throw on a couple roasted carrots and raw kale for the prettiness factor and VIOLÁ!

Lunch is served.


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