Avocado Perfection 06.19.2014

Sometimes, an avocado is so lovely, it just needs it’s picture taken.

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Dinner one day in May: When Chad thinks “there’s nothing to eat”…

“Make yourself a salad.”

“But salad is boooorrrriiiinnnng.”

“Not if I make it.”

Enter: salad. The perfect combo of spinach, seasoned grassfed ground beef, avocado, happy free-range hard-boiled egg, homemade dressing.


“I forgot how good salads are,” he says…

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Meatloaf Cupcakes – work potluck 04.2014

We had a work party potluck for a lovely lady who was leaving. She only worked with us occasionally and she was as sweet as the treats she ALWAYS brought in. I’m not kidding – every time she worked, she brought us treats. So in honor of her, our potluck theme was to make some main course food that looked like dessert.

Enter: meatloaf cupcakes.

Start with the cupcakes: cook meatloaf in cupcake tins. Some of mine were “bacon-bottom” cupcakes (get it?…as in, “black-bottom” cupcakes)

Cook sweet potatoes - naturally orange! No color added! I pureed them in a food processor with ghee and (not paleo) sour cream)

Naturally orange sweet potatoes! No color added to this frosting! I pureed them in a food processor with ghee and (not paleo) sour cream.








And then piped the "frosting" (pureed sweet potatoes) on the bacon-bottom cupcakes!

And then piped the “frosting” onto the bacon-bottom cupcakes!