About Andrea

Several years ago, after years of business education, hours on the elliptical machine and WAY too many carbohydrates, I found a Naturopath who said to me, “Andrea, you are that hypothyroid, gluten intolerant and sugar addicted girl. Something’s gotta give unless you want to continue to feel like crap.” After many years of eliminating, adding, yo-yo’ing, trial and error, recipe modifications and tipsy cooking nights with Robin, I have FINALLY found the map to get me back to that wrong turn and to begin moving down the right path–my path.

My passion is food–gluten free, refined sugar free (still working on that) and in the paleo tradition. The taste, texture, mixing and matching of tastes; how food makes you feel good, bad or better and why these things are. I get giddy reading Paleo cookbooks. I’m a health coach now, just for fun in my spare time; and I will be a Nutritional Therapy Consultant within the next 5 years (goals only work if you write them down). Ultimately, I want to help people become healthier and better through food, not worse because of it.

Nutrition & Health. Food, Body & Emotion. Entertainment & Joy. Food.

So, welcome to my Paleo Projects & Food Musings blog. May we have many adventures together.

Cheers, Andrea


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