Andrea’s Life Goals & Plans

What I Want ⦁ health ⦁ my own business helping others get healthy ⦁ unlimited vacation ⦁ ability to exercise and do activities when I want to do them ⦁ no time clock ⦁ $75,000 per year salary ⦁ Eat 100% paleo/primal ⦁ Eat ZERO junk food or refined sugar ⦁ make my own schedule ⦁ commute on a bike at least 75% of the time ⦁ to love my body ⦁ be a coach and mentor ⦁ to have dinner parties ⦁ a condo in Maui ⦁ World Travel ⦁ be an athlete until I die ⦁ that I spend all my time and energy on things that make me grow and learn and serve me in the long term ⦁ live in the long term ⦁ to forgive myself and always have compassion ⦁ positivity and light ⦁ to love myself ⦁ to know that I deserve this ⦁ to accomplish anything I set my heart to

Things that bring me Pure Joy ⦁ riding horses ⦁ picking berries ⦁ playing gymnastics ⦁ walking in the woods ⦁ being barefoot ⦁ walking on the beach ⦁ having my toes in the sand and surf ⦁ wearing cowboy boots and a cowboy hat ⦁ cooking ⦁ baking ⦁ reading cookbooks ⦁ making up my own recipes ⦁ learning how to cook new things ⦁ perfecting recipes ⦁ bonfires ⦁ camping ⦁ clam digging ⦁ playing fetch with my dog ⦁ sitting in the sun ⦁ digging into a good book ⦁ trinket and eclectic shop shopping ⦁ travel and road tripping

 Within 3 Years

  • Teaching yoga 6 classes per week
  • Riding a bike or walking to work at least 75% of my commute
  • My own business – helping other people realize optimal health and wellness – is nearly replacing or has replaced my employee salary
  • Have started distance learning Nutritional Therapy Consultant course through Bauman College/Nutritional Therapy Association; paid for with cash
  • Own a dog
  • Married to Chad
  • Student Loans paid off
  • Car paid off

Within 5 Years

  • Have started a family with Chad/or not
  • Only employment is my own business with a goal of $75k yearly salary
  • House purchased: includes gardens, chickens, fruit trees; horses optional
  • I’ve started a Nutritional Therapy Chef program either at Bauman College or one like it

 Within 10 years

  • Chad and I own a condo and CrossFit studio in Maui
Me and Dad, August 2007
Me and Dad, August 2007




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