Sunday Leftover Frittata

Pulled pork + swiss chard + ghee + duck eggs + lemon juice???

Yes, lemon juice! I learned that you if you add about a teaspoon of acid (i.e. lemon juice or cider vinegar) to a baked egg dish, that it will prevent it from getting rubbery. Totally worked!

Sauteed leftovers

Sauteed leftovers

Ready for finishing in the oven...

Ready for finishing in the oven…

Nothing prettier than cast iron!

Nothing prettier than cast iron!

Picture perfect and delicious.

Picture perfect and delicious.






Something tells me this will be delicious….

Brussel sprouts, bacon, shallots, garlic roasted in ghee, coconut oil and sea salt…

2015-02-22 17.00.48


The caramelized aftermath...

The caramelized aftermath…

ProFitness Northwest Nutrition Challenge Week 3 Recipe Round-up

The last week of our nutrition challenge!

First things first. Here was my weekly haul:

2015-01-25 17.34.23

Left to right: beef liver, chicken, Carne shop grind, Carne pork chops, bananas, apple, peppers, spinach, brussel sprouts, salt that is actually good for you, sparkling water, Bucha, sweet tatoes, farm fresh eggs, quinoa and brown rice for Chad.

First recipe this week: buffalo chicken casserole from PaleoLeap:

2015-01-23 21.18.02I’m pretty sure I doubled this recipe. Super delish…especially with a dollop of sour cream, if that’s part of your thing.

Next, a batch of the world’s best mayo to then make a jar of homemade balsamic vinaigrette. Excellent on….everything.

2015-01-25 18.11.12I’ve been using this vinaigrette all week. It’s especially delicious on spinach salads. With the rest of the mayo, I also made a couple batches of regular ol’ tuna fish and then I mixed some in with cocktail sauce and crab and ate that over a couple spinach salads.

Seriously. That's good mayo.

Seriously. That’s good mayo.

This week was also kind of a fridge clean out week. I had a bunch of stuff that needed to get used: sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, onions, Carne pork sausage, mushrooms, zucchini, apple, celery. So I cut it all up, mixed it together with some egg and spices, and made a big ‘ol casserole. We’ve been grubbing on this all week…

2015-01-29 20.26.22

Chicken Scratch Potato Soup

I was sick. I wanted soup. I did not want soup out of a can. I wanted chicken noodle soup like my mom would make: chicken-from-the-scratch noodle soup. But I don’t eat noodles. But I eat potatoes! And purple potatoes make things pretty 🙂

Enter: Chicken Noodle Potato Soup from scratch. Made from the bones and veggies on up.

chicken soup veggies

chicken soup veggies

Carrots, celery, onion in the bowl. Kale I planned on using but didn’t. Fresh parlsey. Purple potatoes.

Take a whole chicken. Heat some oil in a dutch oven (I used coconut oil, butter). Season the whole chicken (S&P). Fry each side of the chicken until it starts to brown. Pour add all the usually discarded veggie pieces you can find: onion peels, leek stalks, celery ends. Fill pot with water. Salt and pepper the water. Bring to a simmer with lid on. Let simmer for about an hour, or until you can easily pull one of the legs off. Turn off heat. Pull the chicken out; place onto a cookie sheet to cool. Pour stock through a strainer into a large bowl. Heat dutch oven to medium. Add more oil. Saute carrot, onion, celery until translucent. Add oregano, thyme, S&P. Pour stock back into dutch one. Pull off all the meat from the chicken and add back into dutch oven. Add potatoes. Simmer until potatoes are cooked through.

Making the stock!

Making the stock!

Mug O' Chicken Scratch Soup

The perfect bite.

The perfect bite.